Cool Q&A w Incoming UCLA Football Freshman Todd Golper

In case you missed it there is a cool interview in the Pasadena Star News' blog - From the Sidelines - with incoming UCLA football freshman Todd Golper:

When Todd Golper broke his toe, then subsequently tearing up the knee, he wasn't sure how quick he would recover and whether he would report to spring camp in shape. Golper healed quicker than expected through hard work and strong words of encouragement from UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel, family and friends. When he reported to camp, Golper was first out of all the incoming linebackers in best shape. While at Arcadia, Golper wore No. 18. Much to his pleasure, Golper will continue wearing that number at UCLA.

Todd specifically answered questions re. his rehab and his early summer experience at UCLA:

FTS: Were you surprised at how quick you recovered from your injury and how quick you were not only able to get back into shape but be first out of all the incoming linebackers to come back in top shape?

TG: Yeah, definitely. I had the surgery here at UCLA so the doctor that performed it did a great job. Especially with how bad it was I was shocked how well my body progressed. But that comes with the rehab done at Arcadia and just how hard I've been trying to work. it definitely surprised me. They said it would be 6-12 months before I was fully ready to go and I was ready in 6 1/2 months to go and play a football game.

FTS: What's it been like since you moved in to campus?

TG: It's fun. The schedule is pretty ridiculous. We have eight hours of tutoring a week. We get up at 7 every day and not back in our dorms til 10 p.m. Just the amount spent in our rooms and tutoring classes, meetings is pretty amazing. They're investing money in us to be here so they're giving us all the opportunity to succeed.

You can read rest of the give and take here. From what I have read and heard about this young man he has leadership qualities written all over him.


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