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Candid Camera: Bruin Alums (King) Ed & Charles O'Bannon With Kris Johnson

tasser10 fanshotted this already. Still this is worthy of frontpage love. Looks like Eddie O and Chuck were back together for a hilarious (and kind of awkward) interview by their former team-mate anoter Bruin alum - Kris Johnson - for a website called

*NEW* Ed and Charles O'Bannon Interview! Speak on Lil' Wayne... (via JerseyChaser106)

Eamonn Brennan from's hoops blog - the Dagger - spotted this clip with the following observation:

Nothing makes an interview more awkward than a Lil Wayne lyric. Of course, Charles is still playing basketball in Japan, so he didn't much appreciate Wayne's "leaving you missing like the O'Bannons" -- which, admittedly, is a great lyric -- but Ed's reaction is priceless. "I really don't care. Come buy a car from me." I kind of want to go buy a car from now. Don't you?

Now I don't know about you. When I was watching that clip with Kris asking the questions, I kept thinking about him waving towels from the bench. Only those who went to school during the mid 90s and got to follow the careers of these kids at UCLA, will get that reference. Again, as I have always said I really hope Coach Howland and his staff make every effort to keep Ed, Charles, Kris and others who have continued to show their loyalty to UCLA (can't really miss Ed's polo) close to our program. Funny interview and again rushed back lot of incredible memories from the glorious 90s.