Neueheisel, Howland & Guerrero Take Voluntary Paycuts

From the LA Times:

With the state -- and their university -- struggling through difficult economic times, UCLA football Coach Rick Neuheisel and basketball Coach Ben Howland have agreed to take pay cuts, a school official said.

Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, who has also agreed to a cut, said the details are still being negotiated but expects that he and the coaches will forgo as much as 10% of their salaries this year.

The three men volunteered to take cuts that were mandated for other state employees even though, because they have multi-year contracts, they were not subject to a reduction.

Neuheisel was hired in December 2007 for $1.25 million a season and incentives that could add $500,000 a year. Howland received salary and incentives last year totaling $2.17 million.

Guerrero recently had his base salary raised to $465,000. Needing to slash his annual budget, the athletic director said he was looking for additional areas to save.

Very smart move on the part of these guys. Not only are they leading by example and they are sending a clear signal of what UCLA means to them. Not just about the money when you are leading UCLA.


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