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Happy 4th Bruins Nation

Somewhere On The Chesapeake Bay
Somewhere On The Chesapeake Bay

From somewhere in the Eastern Maryland shores want to wish everyone in this community and the greater Bruin Nation a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

As mentioned couple of days ago like many here and all across the country, I have been taking advantage of a long 4th of July weekend. If any of you all are interested in the extended entry I will share some of the pictures from last few days. So more after the jump

Activities from last few days have included biking through some mellow boating towns in Maryland:


We have also been enjoying sitting by the Chesapeake Bay, taking in lazy lunches and watching boats sail by (we will get one of those in couple of days):


The little town we have been hanging out in this week has been getting ready for its big parade that will be happening later this am:


Yesterday evening we also took in a concert (it was billed as "the big band concert") right before a huge firework show by the Bay:


We will be here through this weekend. I might post pictures in this post later today or tomorrow.  Otherwise, as I said blogging from me will be very sporadic through Monday. So if you see any big breaking Bruin news, keep firing them away. Until then enjoy the long Holiday weekend and of course as mentioned up hope you all are having a safe, fun, happy and healthy 4th. Of course if you want to use this thread to share whatever you are doing to celebrate the 4th and wish everyone the same, fire away.