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Aboya & Shipp's Next Adventures

Remember Coach Howland told us not to worry too much about PAA and JS. Looks like they already have some nice options lining up from them. First, Dohn gives us the news on PAA. He is looking to try out with Mavs. If that doesn't work out, it looks like he will end in Europe making some decent change:

The agent for Alfred Aboya said the former UCLA center will play for the Dallas Mavericks in the Las Vegas summer league, which begins July 10.
Bouna Ndiaye said during the summer league he will meet with representatives from at least five European teams, and he expects Aboya to agree to terms with one of them by the end of the month,
"We'll do something were there is an out in the contract to play in the NBA," Ndiaye said.

PAA could make as much $200,000 annually playing for a European team either in Spain, Turkey or France. Speaking of decent amount of change, JS apparently already has an offer to play in Italy and a summer camp invitation from the Bulls. Per Dohn:

While I am told UCLA wing Josh Shipp has an offer of more than $200,000 to play in Italy, I am also being told he really wants to give the NBA a shot and may go that direction. A source told me Shipp has an invitation to play for the Chicago Bulls in a summer league.

Either way, best of luck to both PAA and JS from Bruins Nation.