Farmar at the WSOP

As one of the coordinators of the World Series of Poker I've dealt with several celebrities whether of the poker variety (Doyle Brunson, Phil Helmuth, etc.) or the Hollywood type (Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, etc.) but I had never gotten very excited about any of them until this past Monday. As I was walking from the Rio Poker Room down to the Amazon (tournament) Room, I spotted a familiar looking kid in a hoodie and sunglasses seemingly trying not to be noticed. After a quick double take, I still wasn't sure, so I had a buddy of mine in the tournament office check to see if Jordan Farmar had registered for Day 1D of the Main Event. Sure enough, they had him in the system (actually, he was listed as Jordan Farmer, oops, sorry JF).

I decided against bothering him as he is obviously trying to get some RR after the championship run but I did check in on his status later that night and found that he had gotten up to around 100K in chips (more than 3X the starting amount) and that he finished Day 1 with around 48K. As with most great athletes, it looks like JF's competitive fire translates to success in other games. Good luck on Day 2 JF.

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