Little Miss Tasser10!

Hello fellow Bruins!

Well, I am finally getting on to the site after a few days. Little Miss Tasser was born on Saturday, the Fourth of July, all 7lbs 5oz of her! She will very soon be indoctrinated in the Bruin way! I wish I could post pictures, but Mrs. Tasser has some kind of internet paranoia that prevents me from doing so. I can only tell you that her name starts with an "S" and ends in "ophia".

I look forward to watching a few UCLA football and basketball games with her! As soon as I get more than 35 consecutive minutes of sleep. Speaking of sleep, does anyone here need a king size bed? We're selling ours...we don't seem to use it anymore...

Take care and I will be back to offer my oh so insightful and conspiracy-minded comments soon!

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