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Love And Dye Competing For the SS Spot

From the LA Times:

This is the only spot on the defense that appears to be wide open, with the competition expected to go well into camp. Love, a redshirt sophomore, has had his time limited the first two seasons because of hip and shoulder surgeries. Dye, a true sophomore, spent last season as the team's nickel back.

"Both have physical toughness," secondary coach Tim Hundley said. From there, his assessment varies.

Love, at 6 feet 4, has to "continue to work on his ability to play lower. He has a great body and he is learning to play with lower eyes."

Dye is faster but needs to "work at taking better angles and the awareness how you get on top of routes."

Love, who has been working with the first team, took a yoga class during the summer, "in a room where it was always 110 degrees," to improve his flexibility so he could play lower.

The 5-11 Dye worked on his strength because "I don't have the ideal size for strong safety, and I'm aware of it. Strong safety is a hitting position. I feel I am a hitter. I just have to show that consistently."

Dye showed no fear as a true freshmen last year. We are going to need these guys to step up so that they can complement Rahim Moore in the backfield, who lived up to his billing last year. The athleticism we now have in the backfield with Dye, Love, Moore, Hester and of course ATV is not something we have in previous years.

Here is to hoping these guys stay healthy.Yeah, I know. I sound like a broken record but like keep having to say it after last few years. A combination of Moore and Dye/Love if the later duo steps up just might be able to take us down the same traveled by Goodwin, Henderson, Darby, Turner and other legendary Bruin safeties.