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(VIDEOS) Fox Sports Previews UCLA Football's 2009 Season

Looks like FoxSports is catching up with the world of Web 2.0. FSN has been running previews of all Pac-10 teams. They have uploaded the three UCLA segments on their youtube channel. BruinGold82 already posted the segment featuring interview with DC Chuck Bullough and a preview of our defense. Here is their overview of our team heading into 2009:

UCLA ready to emerge in '09 (via foxsports)

It's a pretty solid preview featuring interviews with Rick Neuehisel, Reggie Carter and Kevin Prince. The show ended with a little prediction from Petros Papadakis. To find out what Petros had to say about UCLA jump over the flip.

Here is Petros who thinks UCLA should win around 6 to 7 games this year. He thinks we can 8 if everything goes perfectly:

Papadakis talks UCLA football (via foxsports)

Seems pretty reasonable take to me. I have to say I have always kind of enjoyed listening to Petros. If you go through our archives you will see how number of times during Dorrell years he was one of the few commentators who called it like it was. Instead of sucking up to Dorrell to get access he was talking about how the team was not performing to its potential. Also, heading into 2008, Petros was pretty down on UCLA's prospects and he turned out to be accurate. Let's hope he is on the money again.