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LETS GO: Step Up For Our Gutty Little Bruin

<em>BN's Gutty Little Bruin!</em>
BN's Gutty Little Bruin!

Over the years I have gotten lot of emails via our BruinsNation email account from UCLA alums on how they could show their appreciation for this little online bar on the internets. Well here is your chance.

This place has become a pretty close group of friends who are threaded tightly together with the common bond that is Bruin blue and gold. We experienced a little bit of that emotion reading all the stories about what those magical four letters mean to us over this weekend.

Well here is another story which has been a huge part of this community since we got started. This is Tyler in the middle:


If you are new around here, I'd urge you to read his story here, here and here. He is Insomniac's (and ours) Gutty Little Bruin, who has become our pride and joy over the years here on Bruins Nation.

Tyler needs us this week and we need to respond. I will be upfront. Insomniac is trying to cheer Tyler on by making a donation to Dribble for the Cure in his honor. He set a goal of raising $1,500. We have already raised $850. I know we can blow pass the goal. So please, go to the following link and make a donation today:

Support Our Gutty Little Bruin

We need to let Tyler know that he is not alone. We need to let him know that he has thousands of members of his extended Bruin family praying for him all over the Bruin Nation.

In the words of RW - LETS GO.