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Rest In Peace Don

I woke up this morning and was browsing through my UCLA reads and then found one of the toughest new I have ever read as a UCLA fan when seeing this thread about "EZ Beach" who was known as "EZ" on Bruin Report Online. EZ (Don Kramer) passed away.

I have never met EZ but I have been reading his passionate posts about all things UCLA football for years now on BRO. In all my years of following UCLA football and basketball via online communities (I have been member of that community all the way back when BruinReportOnline was part of in 1999).

I have never imagined a football season without reading EZ's takes. He was exuberant, passionate and one of a kind. He was a friend whose takes I needed to read everyday, trying to get a sense of the Bruin zeitgeist.

I can't really describe how stricken I felt while reading that thread.

I am really going to miss you Don.

Have a great time in the blue and gold heaven and hope you get to raise a glass soon celebrating a BCS championship. It is coming BROther. Be sure to be ready for it.