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Bill Plaschke Discovers Earth Is Round, Says Pete Carroll Doesn't Follow The Rules

Let's recap first how Bill Plaschke for years have been living under a rock. Here was Plaschke in spring of 2006 when the Bush story initially broke (sorry the link for article dated April 26, 2006 doesn't work any more but immortalized in a BN roundup post from September of 2006, emphasis ours througout):

Because Carroll has worked hard to build that rare dynasty that follows the rules.

And from the same post we excepted Bill gushing about Pom Pom in another column from August of 2006:

In every locker room meeting, every day, Carroll talks as much integrity as strategy.

"We're cutting edge on this stuff, we're working it and working it," Carroll said.

"I'm disappointed we have to deal with these questions, but we're working hard to do this better than anyone's ever done it before."

That has long been Carroll's mantra here, doing it better than anyone's done it before.

Yes that was Bill three years ago. In his eyes there were no questions hovering around Petey's program because Petey in his eyes was always following the rules. For years he decided not to write about what everyone else in the country was talking about. Finally after one blockbuster scandal after another finally made the Trojans a national joke this summer, he decided to break his silence and formally question his Trojan overlords this June.

And today, for the first time Bill is formally saying what everyone else has been saying for years:

"One of our mottos is, a relentless pursuit of competitive advantage in everything we do," Carroll said Thursday.

Um, Pete, that attitude is exactly what has landed USC in trouble.

"We're not in trouble," Carroll said.

Yes, you are. By college sports definition, any time NCAA investigators are hanging around, you are in trouble.

They showed up for the Reggie Bush stuff, and apparently they are going to stay for the Pete Rodriguez stuff, this special teams consultant who admitted he attended USC practices, which is a direct violation of those stupid rules.

LOL. Can't you sense the agony in his column? The "stupid rules" putting his team in under the proverbial microscope. Guess the rules are only "stupid" when discussed in the context of Southern Cal. Bill continues:

On the field, the program is all about testing limits, and it succeeds.

Off the field, if Carroll keeps testing those same limits, it is doomed to fail.

"It's so important for us to do right, this is such a tremendous program, it's worth it, it's worth learning, digging in, figuring things out," Carroll said.

Fine. Check the angles. Work, dig, figure. But in the end, at some point, Carroll has to just throw up his hands and gently comply.

Did you get that? Bill Plaschke, the star columnist (hey don't LYAO ... stay with me here for a second) for the Trojan Times is now officially saying that Pom Pom Petey has to "gently comply" with "stupid rules." In other words, in Bill's eyes Petey Carroll hasn't been following the rules off the field to build up this "dynasty."

Guess, it's all about baby steps. First, a few months ago Bill figured out that something wasn't right in SuCville after years of being in denial about it, and now he has figured out his football coach (Trojans are his team after all) might have not been "following the rules."

Congrats on figuring out the Earth is round Bill.