[UPDATED: TJ Officially Declares War Against UCLA/Neuheisel] T.J. Simers: EPIC FAIL

It's game week. That means we need to start getting used to T. J. Simmers' swing and misses following his trips to Westwood for CRN's weekly press conferences.

T.J. went out to Westwood yesterday desperately hoping CRN would give him something allowing him to beat up our head coach with his usual snark. I think T.J. was hoping and praying for a bulletin board material from CRN heading into Saturday. Neuheisel didn't take any of the baits and offered up comments like this:

"We certainly aren't in position after the season we had to take anybody lightly," said Neuheisel, whose first team at his alma mater went 4-8 last fall.

So how did T.J. react to that? Not too well. This is how he leads off today's drivel: (no link per BN policy of not sending traffic to garbage):

It's usually a waste of time listening to anything RickNeuheisel has to say, but it's the start of a new season, and I'm the optimistic sort, so I stopped by UCLA.

Once again I left disappointed, which is probably the best way to prepare for another season of Bruins football.

The guy almost never tells the truth, everything so sugar-coated the malarkey turns to muck, Monday unfortunately no exception.

Oh he didn't stop there. Apparently he wasn't happy when CRN offered up the datapoint of SDSU giving Notre Dame a tough game this past season:

"It's going to be a great coaching challenge," says Neuheisel, who has years of practice offering such nonsense without even the hint of a grin.

"They were on the doorstep of beating Notre Dame last year," Neuheisel says, and just about everybody beat Notre Dame last season.

"Not everybody," Neuheisel says, "but I'm not going to fight you."

Pete Carroll would.

He is so smart . Isn't he?

I think we can see what a relic like T.J. Simers is trying to accomplish. He is starving for attention by playing his usual schtick which is to appear as know everything curmudgeon on page 2 of a newspaper. It used to work in the old days but not any more. It only works now if you give him attention by sending him angry emails. Don't do it.

He knows his industry is dying a slow death. And it's people like him that's in the most danger. Only thing newspapers are useful for these days are good beat reporters who can keep the information coming. What we don't need any more is professional opinionators like Simers and Plaschke who have made their careers over the years by firing up one scud after another.

Simer's clunkers are specially not going to work against someone like Neuheisel, who is older and wiser after two previous jobs dealing with full of traditional media hacks. CRN is not going to bite on that nonsense. If anything, CRN has been probably the most transparent headcoach (even within the usual coachspeak) on how he is manging his program laying out reasons behind depth chart decisions or his own sincere optimism which he admitted to be an overestimation last season.

So Simers just sounds like a bitter old man, starving for attention by inciting a fanbase.

My suggestion. Let's take our cue from Coach Neuheisel. Don't take his bait. Don't send him an angry email. If you are going to clown him, do it here in our comment threads but don't fill up his inboxes or click on his column.

His days are over. His profession is a relic. That is why his writing is so predictable, boring, stale and desperate.

T.J. Simers with another EPIC FAIL.


UPDATE (N): I am not going to waste another post on this clown so I will just update this post. Simers has another "column" up today in the Trojan Times where he did everything but beg for angry emails from UCLA alums and students. Here is my request if you are reading this post. Don't email him and also tell anyone you know who might be upset with him to not email him either.

I am not going to provide any link but the whole drivel is how much more "fun" Chetey Petey's press conferences are compared to CRN's. Also, TJ manages to long for Karl Dorrell (who he still calls him as "Dullard") while taking shot against Bruins such as James Washington:

There are five times as many folks at a USC news conference, admittedly the free food as big a draw as Carroll, but there is so much more energy in the room.

When things drag at UCLA's news conference, a minute or so after it begins, there's always former Bruins player and present-day broadcaster James Washington ready with a soft question to somehow highlight the progress the Bruins have shown.

Washington could be UCLA's MVP this season.

Unlike Karl Dullard, Neuheisel arrived here knowing how the questions were going to be asked, a little prodding, more teasing -- anything to bust up the bore that these media sessions tend to be.

But so far Neuheisel has reacted like a man blindfolded and told to stand against the wall. Mike Dunleavy is already a goner, and yet he shows more life. I long for Dullard.

Now you would think Neuheisel would be built for the entertainment capital, but he has yet to flash his charisma, more intent on delivering coach-speak, and making it obvious on TV while chewing out his quarterback that his false start as coach is because of his inept quarterback.

You get the sense what kind of self-centered idiot Simers is just by reading those grafs. Again, if you are reading this, don't email him. If you are going to lampoon at him, do it over here.

And oh BTW - the guys who are starting up blogs with UCLA related angles - this would be a hell of topic to jump start and blogswarm all over. If you want to get attention of UCLA fans, this would be the topic. Just remember one thing. Don't give the SOB a link. GO BRUINS. - N

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