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After Ignoring U$C* Scandals For Years, LA Times Wastes No Time To Attack Michigan Wolverines As "Out Of Control"

I don't have to write out a whole new set of grafs to show how the LA Times and rest of the Southern California's traditional media have pretty much slept on the job while Chetey Petey and Mike Garrett has been running the "most scandalous athletic program" of this era.  It took almost half a decade for jokers like Bill Plaschke to discover Chetey Petey has been running the ultimate out of control program under the guise of "college athletics."

So trouble breaks out at Michigan about practice time and guess how the LA Times responds:

Question of the day: Is Michigan out of control, or just a typical program?

If the allegations against the Michigan football program are true, does that make them an out-of-control renegade program or pretty much like most programs? Reporters from across the Tribune family of newspapers will answer this question throughout the day. And we are interested in your comments too, so when you are done reading, chime in!

It took them less than 48 hours to jump all over an out of state team, while they were sleeping on the wheel for years as one alleged violation after another involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, were breaking out in Petey's ultimate "out of control" program.

Does anyone recall any headline or breathless discussion on LAT's website whether Chetey Petey's program was out of control when stories wrt to Bush, Jarrett broke out? Of course not. Not only the Trojan LA Times was clueless and out to lunch, they had their marquee columnists Bill Plashke penning love letters to Chetey Petey about how he had "worked hard to build that rare dynasty that follows the rules."

No wonder so many people are just counting the days when these clowns join the OC Register and rest of the dying industry. Not only are they clueless and ignorant, they are also shameless hypocrites.