LAT Goes For Another Pulitzer, Reports On Lane Kiffin's Hot Wife

David Wharton from the LA Times has set up the game day really well for the paper's readers. He has a very detailed look into the matchups, coach's history, and other aspects of the game that will give readers a good idea on all factors that are relevant off the field.

Oops. Just kidding.

Wharton instead decided to write about Lane Kiffin's hot wife:

The day Kiffin was introduced as the Volunteers' coach last December, the Internet buzzed with photos of him standing beside his wife, Layla, and two university officials.

Layla, with her long blond hair and bright smile, became an instant sensation among Tennessee fans, the subject of flurried Google searches, a Facebook page called "Our Coach's Wife is Hotter Than Your Coach's Wife" and a website with a name that cannot be reprinted in the newspaper.

That's when Kiffin realized he was coaching in a fish bowl.

"It's a whole 'nother level," he said. "They are so deep into football."

So apparently David was busy doing google searches of Mrs. Kiffin, then scouting the actual game. And you wonder LAT will probably go bankrupt like all the other papers in the country.

Oh BTW it's not the first time Wharton has written something dumb. This is the same moran who once wrote the throughly ridiculed puff piece calling Karl Dorrell "the Thinker" from Westwood.

Remember LAT is paying someone to write joke pieces like this.


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