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BN Gameday: Tennessee Pre Game Thread

<em>Photo/Poster Source: <a href="">The Wiz of Odds</a></em>
Photo/Poster Source: The Wiz of Odds

Unlike last weekend we are not going to have to wait the whole afternoon to get to our game. Still since there are some decent games early on might as well start up a pre-game thread. I am keeping an eye on Fresno State-Wisconsin game. The Bulldogs are looking good in Madison, up by a score of 21-17. Other interesting games include UNC at UConn, Pawlus and 'Cuse at PSU. WWL has the live scores here.

This also gives me the excuse to share an interesting prediction from one national source which doesn't fall in line with the rest:

UCLA over Tennessee

Wow, how soon we forget last season. The Vols (5-7 a year ago) put a whipping on Western Kentucky last week and now they're double-digit favorites against this class of opponent? Double digits because those who put their money where their mouth is have bet the Vols from -7 to -10. Unreal. Granted, big road wins haven't been UCLA's forte in recent years, but this is one of the faster defenses in the country and the Bruins didn't allow a thing in the second half last week against San Diego State. UCLA's offense won't be the stumbling mess it was last year now that Kevin Prince is at QB. So, what you have here is a Tennessee team that is combining its coach's outlandish behavior and last week's rout of nobody into a perception that's not in line with current reality. By the way, UCLA enters with the confidence of knowing it beat Tennessee last season despite playing horribly. Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow vs. the Kiffins. This should be fun.

We have to wait another two and half ours to get to that fun. In the meantime, don't forget to get your pre-game guesses in. We will close that thread about half an hour before kickoff (1:00 pm PST), right when the game thread goes up.