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Neuheisel's Gutty & Resilient UCLA Bruins Punch Tennessee For A Program Defining Win

Well ladies and gentleman we have got ourselves a football team.

I know what was going through my head when Tennessee got the ball with a chance to win the game. I was thinking back to that day when it all fell apart in South Bend, as Brady Quinn stuck a knife into Dorrell's future at UCLA.

Well times are different. On a night when Notre Dame suffered a bitter last second loss, UCLA finally put those demons from Dorrell era behind with a program defining win for Coach Rick Neheisel.

Bruins beat Tennessee in one of most memorable wins in the program's history. The final score was 19-15. Here is the boxscore.

Yes, last year's victory was euphoric. However, this is different. This was not a fluke. Bruins came out and took it right to the mighty Volunteers who were talking all week about last year being a fluke, and how they were going to beat us by 10 points. Well the Bruins proved them wrong. Not to mention I am going to be eating a lot of TASTY TASTY CROW tonight for not thinking our young guys are going to pull out a win.

However, it could have been even more convincing for the Bruins if not for some costly miscues and penalties. It doesn't matter thought. They fought, the punched, they got bloody, and the showed more heart a UCLA football team not seen since the days of Cade McNown.

There are so many heroes in this game. So much to discuss. We might as well just start the Rahim Moore for Heisman campaign, given all the hype we were barraged with on the greatness of Eric Berry. Berry is a great player but Moore is now on a journey (if he stays on course) to become one of the greatest Bruin defenders in the tradition of Easley and Turner. Moore once again put together a monster game with 2 picks and would had 3 if not for the homerrific SEC (how do you say that slowly again?) officials who seemed to be making terrible calls and giving Bruins bad spots all game long.

Kevin Prince didn't have a flashy game. He completed 11 of his 23 passes for 101 yards and threw for a gutty touchdown while being taken down. However, there is something he didn't do that was huge. He didn't throw a pick.

Bruins also got key runs from Franklin and Knox who showed more great promises for the future and huge kicks from Forbath and Locke. Oh and then it was our defense who sucked it up and throttled the Volunteers near the goaline and then shut them down in their last drive.

I am too emotionally numb to put my post game thoughts in a coherent manner. It's a night to celebrate and it's a night to sing that fight song. If you have extensive thoughts and takes you want to share, fire them up in the fanposts.

Meanwhile, let's get the party started my friends. Yes, we are just getting started because we are going to have more moments like this in both the short term and the long term in the Neu era of UCLA football