Lame Kiffin: Tennessee Should Have Beaten UCLA By Couple Of Touchdowns

Bumped. Posted on September 13. GO BRUINS. -N

There is no doubt that Tennessee has some of the classiest fans in college football. It's too bad they are being led by one of the biggest jerks in all of college football (next to Chetey Petey) who has proven nothing as a head coach.

From what I saw Lane coached a stupid game. He looked Dorrellian when Tennessee drove down the ball near our goal line running it up the middle. He coached like a whimp and then like an idiot wasted his timeout on challenging an obvious fumble recovery by Jonathan Franklin.

Apparently he sounded like a total classless jerk after the game. Instead of giving credit to UCLA defense, he went out of his way to spin his doofus moves away by saying it was his players who didn't execute his game plan. Then he served up the following doozy. This is a rough transcript from his post game show posted on (the interviews linked on the right hand side bar):

At the end of the day you know we should win that game by couple of touchdowns, we should win that game if we don't turn the ball over we know we don't make the mistakes ... because defensively I think we gave up 170 or 180 yards ... you know and it was very dominant.

Seriously, that was jaw dropping. It's been a while I have heard a coach sound like such a classless d'bag without taking any responsibility for his mistakes, throwing his players under the bus, and then showing total disrespect to the opponent.

I wish Tennessee fans all the luck ... I do wish they recognize how they have a total jackass leading their football program ... who will flush it down the toilet. At least Karl Dorrell had some class, Lame has none of it.


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