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Neuheisel Enforces Discipline At UCLA, Suspends 4 Players For KSU Game

Here is another reminder why we can't take any opponent for granted. Per Jon Gold at the Daily News Neuheisel has suspended sophomore cornerback Courtney Viney, freshman running back Milton Knox and freshman wide receivers Morrell Presley and Randall Carroll for the KSU game "due to a violation of team rules". Here was his official statement:

"When you are a member of a team, you have a special commitment to the entities that make up that unit and to those that you represent," said coach Neuheisel. "When someone falls short in that regard, there have to be consequences, and then, we move on."

Until facts come out (with citations to credible sources) please keep the rumor mongering on other boards. Meanwhile, whatever these guys did I hope they are learning a fast lesson. They cannot take anything granted at UCLA. They will always be hold accountable for their actions as they will not be able to get away with running some practice laps.

This is also a clear message on the part of Coach Rick Neuheisel that he is not going to hesitate to come down hard on our players if they deviate from team rules. For these young kids, this might represent a short term set back, however for the long term this will have positive impact for them and for the entire team. Not to mention this will also undercut all the usual BS about how Neuheisel has problem with enforcing discipline in his program. More after the jump.

In terms of roster moves, the key thing to keep an eye on will be who will step in place of Vinney, a position that was already thin due to injury to Hester. My money is on the coaches starting walkon Andrew Abbott from Mater Dei who is often used as a nickle back. He has been solid at practices even though he had a tough moment against SDSU when he got burned on the long bomb. Not sure if the coaches will burn the redshirt seasons of freshmen (Sheldon Price, Marlon Pollard, and Brandon Sermons) who were backing them up. Guess we will find out.

Meanwhile, remember no moping around here. No whining.  We just have to cowboy up. Obviously we will have more notes on this as the story develops.


UPDATE (N): Rye has insta analysis in terms of potential roster moves. He thinks at least one freshman will have to burn his redshirt season:

If Abbott does indeed start at one corner, then you need a nickel back, which one of the freshmen will take. The only other option is putting Love in at safety in nickel and letting Dye play nickel back, but I don’t see that happened. Two may lose their redshirts if we go to dime at any point, which is possible because I saw K-State spread the field a little in their opener.

On the offensive end, I wonder if Knox and Carroll's suspension means, we might see more of Thigpen in this week's game plan. Chow and Neuheisel love speed. Thingpend has it.

UPDATE II (N): To no one's surprise The Trojan Times is on breathless rapid posting mode on this story. Like Pavlov's dog. GO BRUINS.