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Get Well Soon Coach Howland (Who Is Finding Way To Relentlessly Plug UCLA)

<em>He Really Loves Howlandwood. Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">freesia39's photostream (flickr)</a></em>
He Really Loves Howlandwood. Photo Credit: freesia39's photostream (flickr)

Bumping this up. Keep the messages coming. GO BRUINS. -N

Gen2Bruin1987 fanshotted the news about Coach Howland resting comfortably after having a standard appendectomy yesterday. Dr. Joe Hines did the procedure at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

CBH is doing all right and found way to get in another plug for UCLA (reinforcing his message for all recruits wanting to sign to be a Ben Ball warrior):

"One of the very best things about being a coach or student-athlete at UCLA is if you need medical attention, you won't find any better place in the country than at the incomparable UCLA Medical Center," Howland said. "The medical staff and community at UCLA are simply the best and I'm so grateful to all of them for their professionalism and commitment to excellence."

He is always on. Isn't he?

If you would like to leave a message for CBH make sure you leave it in the comment thread. We will do what we can to make sure it gets in his hands.

Coach comes back to work on September 21st. Rest up and get well soon Coach.


UPDATE (N): Just tweeted this:

@BruinNation Rest Up & Get Well Soon Coach @Ben_Howland (Who Is Finding Way To Relentlessly Plug UCLA)

Feel free to retweet that. Meanwhile, Howland was apparently tweeting away on his bberry just 2 hrs ago:

I hope to be back on the road recruiting by the end of the weekend. Our first team meeting is next Wednesday and school begins Thursday.

Like I said above, the man never stops. GO BRUINS.