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BN Gameday: Kansas State Pre Game Thread (Pete Carroll Is A LOSER Edition)

We are hours away from our game but this is turning out to be a beautiful Saturday already.

Congrats to Jake Locker ... right now one of the favorite players in Bruin Nation. Go Huskies! Huskies embarrass Chetey Petey in Seattle. Meanwhile, the Volunteers lose to Florida in a hard fought game down in the swamp.

It's a wacky Saturday. I still don't know if Tennessee defense is that special or if Florida is not as dominant. Whatever it is given what we have seen, it should clear how we can't take any game for granted and how our guys need to be even more focused and respectful of Kansas Sate.

As sweet as the Trojan loss tastes, we still have to take care of business on our end. Still there is never a bad time to celebrate a Trojan loss in BN. Fire away!