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BN Bye Week: Saturday Open Thread: Keep Your Eyes On Stanford-Washington

Lot of interesting games going on right now. Out in Ann Arbor Rich Rodriguez's Michigan Wolverines are in a dogfight with Indiana. Their spread offense is clicking, while the defense looks like vintage Bruin defense from Toledo's last years.

Meanwhile, out in Starksville, MS, the MSU Bulldogs are making Washington's pretty "moral victory" against LSU look not so impressive. The Bulldogs are down by a score of 14-16 at the half time, turning up the heat on Less Miles to few more hundred degrees. Oh those are not the only interesting scores early on. Southern Florida is up 14-0 on FSU (which just last week pummelled BYU) and UNC is losing to Georgia Tech 0-10.

Obviously many here will keep eye on Cal's game against Oregon. Although I picked Oregon to cover the spread, I get the sense that Best and the Cal offense will explode. More importantly for everyone here though, please keep an eye on Stanford-Washington game and serve up your verison of scouting reporters (either via quick takes in this thread or more detailed thoughts in the fanposts).

I am sure Toby Gerhart and co are going to be fired up to make a statement around the league, after what the Huskies did last weekend. I am going to particularly interested in hearing about how Andrew Luck performs against the Husky defense (which I imagine is going to come in with the goal of shutting down the Cardinal running game). It is going to very interesting to see how the Huskies after all their week long hype keep their focus against the Cardinal. You can keep track of the full scoreboard here.

Oh btw if you haven't gotten in your pre-game guesses in (we have a bye week version up), make sure you get them in by 12:00 pm PST.

So with that turning this thread over to you. Fire away.