Dribble for the Cure: JoinTyler's BN Team

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Looks like Elise and Brianna will have some extra cheering to do!


UCLABruin920 has now stepped up to put together a BN team for Tyler. Follow the link below.

Tyler's BN Team

Everyone here has blown away all of our expectations in terms of stepping up as a community. The spirit of Bruin community is at a fever pitch around here. Why not take it another step further.

Show Tyler our love and support offline. So let's get this team going. Full details with another link after the jump. GO BRUINS. -N

Tyler's BN Team

Ok everyone, in honor of Tyler, I took the liberty of starting a BN team.  To join:

1) click the link above,

2) click "Register" on the left side of the screen, and

3) click "Join a Team"

4) Select "Tyler's BN Team"

Once you join, you will be a dribbler and you can seek out sponsorships from your friends.  As a registrant, you get to attend the event.  Last year's included a chance to meet the team and get autographs.  We also got a cool little UCLA goody bag, including a DFTC t-shirt and basketball. 

If you can't be a participant but want to donate anyway, you can continue to do so here: guttylittlebruin

(For full disclosure: I got free registration (worth $25) for starting a team and getting 10 teammates to join.  Rest assured I didn't start the team to skip out on any fees and I made a $100 donation upon signing up.) 

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