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BruinsNation Podcast!

You ask and you shall receive. Okay, well you didn't really ask, but you shall receive nonetheless. BruinsNation now has audio to go along with the already outstanding written word. Tomorrow evening, at 6 pm PDT, ucla13_usc9 will join me for the first ever BruinsNation podcast. We're hoping that this becomes a weekly endeavor that we can use to talk about the week gone by (or in the case of this first podcast, weeks gone by) and preview the upcoming weekend's game.

This week, we will give some quick insight into the first three weeks of the Bruins' football season and then talk about the Stanford game. Not only will we talk about the Stanford game, but we will bring in s. andrew to share his Stanford insight. He'll key us in on the Cardinal's mentality, their defense, their QB Andrew Luck and more things that us UCLA fans want to know heading into this weekend's tussle on the Farm.

This podcast is really a work in progress. We've put this first one together pretty quickly and have yet to get on the air where we can figure out the kinks and find a rhythm. ucla13_usc9 is extremely informative so I'm sure he'll be on his game and ready to drag me along.

I think this can be a really cool expansion of our BN-verse, which can only be a bad thing as it continues to consume some of our lives. You can listen in live with us or listen to the recording of it at your leisure afterwards, including on iTunes! So have a listen and enjoy, then give us some feedback as we work to tailor this podcast to the wants and needs of BN.