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Pregame Guesses: UCLA vs San Diego State

True Freshman Morrell Presley (7), Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">dabruins (flickr)</a>
True Freshman Morrell Presley (7), Photo Credit: dabruins (flickr)

Let's get this thing going.

Yesterday, long time Bruins Nation reader/contributor captainqtp wondered if we were going to resurrect the Pregame Guesses that we started doing last year. His comment forced a confession out of me, that while I really liked setting up the guesses every week, I lacked the acumen (an acumen possessed by most seventh graders, I sadly confess) to easily total up the scores every week.

But we have a volunteer to help us out. hicaliber says he'll help us all out and do the totals every week. He and I haven't worked out exactly how we'll work together, but his commitment is enough for me to start us off with the San Diego State game and sometime during next week we'll figure out the details.

This post from last season explains the origins of the Pregame Guesses. Basically, I saw the original version on Halos Heaven (the blog for the Los Angeles Angels) and co-opted it for UCLA fans. (I have no idea how the Angels guys have the time to tally the results from 162 baseball games, but my hat is off to them.) Before each game, usually on Friday, I'll write a post like this asking readers to list their answer to three questions. After the game, hicaliber will total up the scores and hopefully will also create a season total. Nestor and I haven't talked it all through, but maybe we'll send a t-shirt or something to the overall winner. But, no matter what, the winner will have bragging rights.

When you write your answers, it's really helpful if you just list your answer in the subject line. Writing a lot of commentary forces the person who is doing the totals to read through a lot of posts trying to figure out the answers, instead of just seeing them clean in the subject line. I'll demonstrate at the end of this post.

I'm going to keep this week's questions fairly easy, so that hicaliber can ease into doing the totals. Like if I said "How many redshirt sophomores will make tackles in the second quarter for San Diego State," hicaliber would quit, right after tracking me down and slugging me Oregon-style right in the jaw. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun.

Without any further ado, here are the pregame guesses for San Diego State:

1: How many true freshman will play on offense for UCLA? (No defense, no special teams. Just how many true freshman see action on offense for the Bruins).

2. Who will lead the Bruins in receptions?

3. True or False: UCLA will convert at least one fourth down into a first down OR touchdown?