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BN Gameday: San Diego State Pre-Game Thread

Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">section3_2008_bruins (flickr)</a>
Photo Credit: section3_2008_bruins (flickr)

Okay. I couldn't wait. I know I wrote that I was going to put up a pre-game thread at 3:00 pm PST. But I am already watching football so might as well get a pre game thread started.

I am spending this early afternoon (morning for you guys back home) watching Greg Pawlus playing QB for Syracuse (against Minnesota). It's kind of comedic curiosity I guess for wanting to check in that game. Can't help it (and Syracuse fans are also taking it all in with humor because well there is not much else to do). Still Pawlus is battling. He just threw a TD to bring the 'Cuse within 4 pts (10-14).

Keeping an eye on the Navy-OSU game as well. Gotta say the Buckeyes are not looking very impressive early on. Also I hear, Lane Kiffin's Tennessee is not off to a good start against Western Kentucky.

This afternoon I will be keeping an eye on Georgia-Oklahoma State, Nevada - Notre Dame, Western Michigan-Michigan, Illinois-Missouri. Full scoreboard via WWL here.

BTW make sure to get your pre game guesses in. We will close the thread about half an hour before our kickoff at 4:00 pm PST.

What games are you watching? As always if you are online, hanging out over here on BN, post your thoughts right here. Fire away.