Fundraising For Pauley Renovation Going Well

Per the LA Times:

Hours before the tip-off against Arizona State, the Bruins athletic department received two unexpected donations of $100,000 each for the upcoming renovation of Pauley Pavilion.

Ross Bjork, a senior associate athletic director, said the gifts were part of a recent uptick that has pushed fundraising for the project to almost $62 million.

"There's a buzz around the arena," Bjork said. "Lots of activity."

UCLA has proposed $185 million in upgrades to the aging venue with an outer concourse, wider stairs and additional seating in the open spaces behind each basket.

There would also be new locker rooms, a VIP area and team meeting rooms.

The university plans to pay for these improvements with $100 million in donations, $60 million in financing, $15 million from a student activity fee and $10 million from a Student Seismic fee.

I realize there are lot of reservations about the actual renovation plan. That said color me (pleasantly) surprised. Didn't think the fund-raising would stay up to speed in this economic climate.


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