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Special Open Thread: Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Bruins Nation. We had one of the toughest Decembers in recent memory but we sure closed out the year in style.  Thanks to a memorable win in DC and a good start to Pac-10 basketball season we have reasons to be a in a happy mood to celebrate January 1.

As usual there are number of games to take in on this New Year's Day. I am sure many of you will be tracking the Rose Bowl between Ohio State and Oregon Ducks. I guess many here will be rooting for the Ducks but I have way too many good friends from Ohio so I have to stick with the Buckeyes. Also worth checking in are games featuring Bowden's last hurrah (although he is struggling in the early going), Penn State-LSU, and the weird coaching theater involving Cincinnati and Florida.

You can keep track of the scores over here.  So, if you are taking in all the actions today, here is your open thread. Fire away. Once again wish all of you a very Happy New Year.