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Sunday TrOJan Schadenfreude : Thoughts On Coaching Candidates & Other Notes

Let's shift our our attention back to football. Shall we?

Cheatey Petey at this point is all but gone. Don't think we have to wait for a press conference at this point to really heat up the discussions on his successor over at South Central. Even if this turns out to be another Urban Meyeresque media stunt, it's not going to matter much. It has gone way too far and the damage in terms of loss of credibility has been done in the recruiting circles (plus there was the priceless dig from Sanchez to top it all off).

So yeah here were the names we threw out on Friday:

  • Mike Riley (Oregon State Beavers)
  • Jeff Fisher (Tennessee Titans)
  • Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Looks like those names are in play. I think there are few key factors that we have to keep an eye on:

  1. Will Mike Garrett, who has been thoroughly clowned from all angles will play a pivotal part in the hiring decision. He is damaged goods at this point. It will be interesting to see how much influence he will have in this process since the Trojie administration seems to be in total disarray (IIRC President Sample is stepping down this year). So something to keep an eye on there. Will the next guy really want to come in as "Mike's guy" with the understanding that Mikey is not going to be around?
  2. Next guy should also be doing some due diligence before taking on this job. This means through conversation with NCAA and Pac-10 officials before committing 4 or 5 years of your lives to baby sitting bunch of (alleged) minor league football players who have a tendency to get on the police blotter.
  3. No matter who takes over as the next head coach he will be held to the Cheatey Petey standard of ((allegedly)bought and paid for) excellence by a delusional Trojie "fanbase." I think it is going to be lot easier to be the head coach who follows the guy who follows Petey. So if a young and successful head coach is smart enough, he would be looking to take over after Petey's successor crashes and burns in Heritage Hall.

So with those factors in mind I wonder if someone like Mike Riley would really take the job. More on this and other notes on coaching candidates (including a familiar face) after the jump.

It looks like Oregon State AD Bob DeCorolis is already working on a lifetime K for Mike Riley:

Again, USC hasn't yet formally asked to talk with Riley. And Riley and DeCarolis haven't yet talked about the possibilities, either. They've only exchanged messages. But DeCarolis said he wanted to be proactive in the same manner he did with baseball coach Pat Casey when Notre Dame chased him.

"Mike's said he wants to be the Joe Paterno of Oregon State," DeCarolis said. "So we'll put something together to make (his contract) a lifetime deal."

I'm sure DeCarolis and Beavers fans would love nothing more than to think of Riley three decades from now, in his 80s, calling plays from the coaches box. Or addressing the media postgame, cranky from being asked when he's going to hang it up. A lifetime deal is a lifetime deal, and I can't say I blame DeCarolis, who has worked miracles on a shoestring budget at OSU, for trying to get in front of the armored car that is the USC athletic department.

I wouldn't blame Riley, either, if he Googles "USC" and "Reggie Bush" to see if Carroll was running to Seattle to get away from what could be the hangover of serious NCAA sanctions for USC after the former running back allegedly accepted cash, gifts and free housing from California businessmen who hoped to make money from Bush after he turned pro.

The businessmen in Corvallis just want to give high-fives.

The rumors are already out (on message boards) that Rile has already talked to Pac-10 officials and based on what he has heard he will most likely turn down the Trojan gig. Again nothing confirmed but rumors at this points.

I can see Jack Del Rio and Jeff Fischer being real possibilites. Del Rio hasn't been doing so hot over at Jacksonville. So he might be looking for a fresh start. Same with Jeff Fischer (although I imagine he is really well liked by the Titans). Meanwhile, there are couple of other names to think about: Herm Edwards (the former Jets, Chiefs head coach) and you ready for this: DeWayne Walker?  

Joel Thurman from Arrowhead Pride (SBN's Chiefs blog) has already linked up Edwards as a possibility. I think DeWayne Walker makes sense as a possible desperation choice (for both parties involved). Walker hasn't been doing so hot in his new gig and the Trojies might have to look to him as 5th or 6th choice if all of their top choices don't want to go anywhere near possible looming sanctions. From ESPN:

DeWayne Walker, New Mexico State: Walker would be a terrific fit because of his deep ties, not only to the USC program, but to recruiting the Los Angeles area, which is one of the nation's richest in terms of high school talent. Walker is well-respected by players and coaches and that's important when you are talking about recruiting.

That would be something (and kind of delicious).

Well it is going to be kind of fun to see how this drama unfolds next few weeks. Seems like it happened at a perfect time because it is helping me forget about the current basketball season.

I am sure there will be more news coming out today and through rest of this week. So if you are hearing and reading more of it let's share it here in the comment threads. As always please share your extended observations in the fanposts and any key quick finds in the fanshots. Shaping up to be another fun day of taking in Trojie schadenfreude across the internets.