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(UPDATE) LAT: Pete Carroll Resigns; $C Players Notified by TEXT MESSAGE; PC Taking Assistants With Him

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Ding dong, the witch is dead...  The LA Times Blog now has it:

Pete Carroll, who led USC to seven Pacific 10 Conference titles and two national championships, will resign his position at the university and accept the coaching job with the Seattle Seahawks.

Trojans players and coaches learned of the news via text message from an assistant coach, The Times' Gary Klein has learned.

That Pete Carroll:  Classy to the last.

Let's keep the updates coming!


UPDATE (M, 1/11/10, 5:35 a.m. PST) -- Petey's departure is now the banner story in the print edition of LAT's Monday Sports Section (emphasis added):

Pete Carroll is leaving USC, and the coach the school considered its top choice to succeed him is no longer available.

Several Trojans players said Sunday night that they were informed by text message from staff that Carroll would become coach of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the deal will be signed this morning and Carroll will be introduced as the Seahawks coach Tuesday.

And just because, sometimes, you can't make some stuff up (emphasis added):

Quarterback Matt Barkley said he was watching television with teammates, who had gathered to discuss the team's situation, when he saw the screen flash with news that Carroll had resigned.

"I'm really blessed that I got a chance to play under him for a year," Barkley said.

Barkley said the assembled teammates "all figured Coach would be gone sooner or later," and that they talked of different scenarios that could be in their immediate future.

"It really shows you how much of a business this is, especially at Division I college football," Barkley said. "Every player has to live with the fact that this can happen."

As if this weren't enough cause for celebration, the LA Daily News is also reporting that Petey's brazenly gutting the staff, as well (emphasis added):

None of that matters to Carroll, who is expected to be unveiled as the Seahawks coach as soon as today. Carroll will take offensive line coach Pat Ruel, linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr., and possibly quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates to Seattle, according to sources.

In other words, Petey is not just taking the money and running -- he's taking the money, and as much of $C's hopes of keeping their likely-disillusioned recruiting class with them.

Keep updating as the hits keep on coming, folks!