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Los Angeles Times Working Over Time To Help Cheatey Petey To Spin His Way To Seattle

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Well the headline is of course kind of a no brainer. Meriones already destroyed Bill Plaschke for his pathetic attempt to spin Pete Carroll's cowardly escape to Seattle. Now it looks like Cheatey Petey is officially using the LA Times to get his talking points out on why he is leaving behind a pile of rubble that is his scandal ravaged program.

Garry Klein, the Trojan lapdog beatwriter for LAT, who has dutifully cut and pasted Petey's talking points all those years stepped up this am posting Petey's parting comments on why he is high tailing out of Los Angeles:

"I had given up on it," he said during a phone interview early this morning, "but it came out of nowhere."

Yeah sure Petey. You have given up on it? LOL. Yeah, I am sure you never get NFL offers (the boilerplate ones without total control) and weren't expecting it in the coming years. Whatever you say. I am sure it was those Angels descending down from heaven to come up with this offer to wreck another NFL franchise "out of nowhere". Okay. More on LAT's shameless Petety spin after the jump.

Baghdad Bob, I mean Klein then went on to cut and paste the following from Petey:

Carroll said his decision to leave was not influenced by the specter of possible NCAA sanctions that could result from an investigation of allegations that Reggie Bush and his family accepted improper benefits while the Heisman Trophy winner was playing for the Trojans in 2004 and 2005.

"Not in any way," Carroll said. "Because I know where we stand. It's just a process we have to go through. We know we've fought hard to do right."

Uh hum. Yeah, Petey has done it "right" for those who live in the delusional and shameless world of Bill Splashme. The Pete Carroll press release adds this:

But before he begins a transition back to the NFL, where he last worked in 1999, Carroll will meet today with USC players at Heritage Hall.

"By far the most difficult thing is leaving the young guys that just came into the program and just started," he said.

Soooo difficult that the players had to be informed via text message. LOL

So you can get a sense of what will be Petey and his lapogs spin will be for next 24-48 hours. This spin is already being broadcast all over ESPN this am without any kind of perspective or reality check on why Pete Carroll is jumping off what looks to be a sinking ship for just another NFL offer. It's not surprising at all considering what we have seen from these shameless lapdogs in last 7-8 years, but still sickening to watch (and read). Interestingly this time around even lot of Trojans are not falling for Petey's and his lap dogs PR lines.