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UCLA: Norm Chow Planning To Be At UCLA For The 2010 Season

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Bumped again for the evening. If more story breaks please fanpost it (if you want to add your own observations into it) or fanshot it in case it hasn't shown up on the home page. GO BRUINS. -N

Not a surprise that we are hearing lot of Chow rumors from either Trojan sources or people close to them. It's the same stuff that was floated few weeks ago, which we debunked few weeks ago on BN.

This afternoon we got the following email from UCLA regarding Coach Norm Chow:

He is planning on being at UCLA for the 2010 season.

That should settle the issue. Again any self-respecting reporter writing on this story should note that Chow is under contract through next season. Right now Chow rumors are nothing but desperate efforts from some corners to slow down UCLA's RED HOT recruiting momentum which currently is ON FIRE.