Per Yahoo Sports, NCAA probe of USC complete

Just broke on Yahoo! sports:

After almost four years of investigation, the NCAA’s probe into the USC athletic program has reached a conclusion. Sources familiar with the investigation have told Yahoo! Sports that the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions will meet from Feb. 19-21 to address what investigators uncovered at USC. According to typical NCAA procedures, if sanctions are necessary, they will be determined and then made public via a news conference within six-to-eight weeks of the February hearing.

Read rest of it here.

UPDATE (N): Just read through the piece. Here is a detail that stuck out to me (emphasis added):

Recent developments at USC, including its decision to self-sanction its basketball program, appear to have occurred after the Trojans received the NCAA’s letter of allegations. News of the hearing also indicates that former Trojans football coach Pete Carroll has been aware for weeks of the specific violations the NCAA may be alleging against his program. Carroll resigned as USC football coach on Sunday and has since been named coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

In other words Petey KNEW what was coming his way. That should put aside all the spin about "right opportunity" nonsense we will be hearing from him and his cronies the coming days. Also the note about timing re. "self imposed" sanctions on the hoops program is interesting too. Now that looks like a total desperation on their part. Talk about a house of cards. What else sticks out to people from this piece? GO BRUINS.

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