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Recapping A Season Podcast w/ Justin Hickman Open Thread (8:15 pm PST)

The 2009 UCLA season has come to an end, which means we need to recap it all. Which games stood out? How about which plays stood out and which players made the greatest impact? What do we have to look forward to in 2010 with recruiting and eventually, the 12 games in the fall? We'll cover all of that as we remember Coach Rick Neuheisel's first winning season in Westwood.

We're also going to have a special guest, UCLA great Justin Hickman. The three year letterwinner at UCLA who dominated in 2006 as quarterback's worst nightmare off the end will talk to us about his thoughts about the current UCLA program, some of his favorite moments in Westwood and I'm sure we'll get into that epic 13-9 win over USC in his final game at the Rose Bowl when he and Bruce Davis terrorized John David Booty.

The show starts at 8:15 pm PST and you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. This is your open thread for the final football podcast of the year so you can get your comments and questions in, which we'll look at work into the show. We'll get into all our thoughts on what's going on at SC and the possibility of Chow leaving so give us all your thoughts, comments and questions on it here for us.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow at 6 pm PST either when we have our basketball podcast, delving into yet another up and down weekend, this time in the Bay Area. We'll also preview this weekend's showdown at Pauley with those guys from across town. It's basketball rivalry week and you get a rivalry week podcast tomorrow at 6 pm PST.