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UPDATE: It's Official, Lane To USC- Chow Rumored To Follow

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According to sources at ESPN, Lane Kiffin will leave Tennessee to take the head job at USC. Before I get to the fun of this move, let's take a look at the one thing that I think is really relevant to UCLA.

According to the sources, Kiffin will bring his father and defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, and assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron to Southern Cal with him

While there are a lot of things to say about Orgeron, he has proven that when given some specific resources, which he'll have at USC and you guys can fill in on the specifics, he can do an outstanding job recruiting. He will definitely make snagging any recruits tougher. That's not to say that CRN and Co. won't be able to get their own guys, but there will be increased competition for them now. We also know that when it comes to X's and O's Monte Kiffin is about as good as there is on the defensive side of the ball.

Back to Lane, this is definitely an interesting move by USC. If they were to go after a former assistant, I figured it would be Sarkisian because with the exception of one or two very minor things, he's been clean at Washington. The NCAA has take several hard looks at Kiffin in just one year at Tennessee so I think this says a lot about the respect USC has for the NCAA. If nothing else though, having Lane on the opposing sideline will make beating SC that much sweeter because SC and Lane are perfect for each other. In addition, I like that I can root for Tennessee and their tremendous fans again without Lane hanging over my head. The Vols deserve much better and hopefully they get it with their next hire.

Make sure you tune in at 8:15 pm PST tonight for the football podcast with Justin Hickman. We'll get his insight on the Bruins, plus Josh and I will recap the season and definitely discuss this hire by the boys across town.

UPDATE: Scott Wolf at the LA Daily News also has SC hiring Lane. To be fair to Wolf, it looks like he was on the Kiffin news first.

We've heard from 2 sources that Lane Kiffin will be USC's next football coach.
UPDATED: Announcement expected shortly.

UPDATE II: The LAT has it now. That's three major sources all confirming that Lane is SC's hire so I think we can call it a done deal. Apparently, Lane will talk to the Vols shortly. Things should be fun!

Lane Kiffin has called a team meeting for 6 p.m. PT tonight to talk to his team.

UPDATE III: USC's official site has it now so we're calling this one official. Lane is USC's head coach with Monte and Orgeron joining him.

UPDATE IV: According to ESPN's Shelley Smith, Norm Chow will follow Lane to USC. Nothing official yet and just one report, but it wouldn't be unfathomable so we'll stay on it. For what it's worth, I'm not willing to call this anything more than a rumor right now, but I'm going to throw the information out there and let you take it for what it's worth.