[Updated] Trojan Mouthpiece(s)/Shills Reporting Chow to SC, ESPN Cannot Confirm, UCLA Calls The Report "Incorrect"

Bumped. Right now the Chow bit is only coming from ESPN's Shelly Smith, who is probably the biggest Trojan honk on ESPN (west of Mississippi). There has been no confirmation from any other news outlet yet and nothing from UCLA yet. GO BRUINS. -N

Apparently Lamey would not go to SC unless Chow was on board.  At least according to Shelley Smith on ESPNEWS:

In another part of the blockbuster staff changes, a deal is being finalized for longtime offensive coordinator Norm Chow to return to the Trojans in the same capacity, sources close to the school told ESPN's Shelley Smith.

The current UCLA offensive coordinator held that position with USC from 2001-04. He was also the coordinator at Brigham Young from 1973-99, at NC State in 2000 and with the Tennessee Titans from 2005-07.

Unfortunately, the staff is looking so good that it does not matter how big a doofus Lamey is.  Chow must really hate Neu to do that.

UPDATE (N): I'd be careful about believing everything coming out SC's mouthpiece aka Shelly Smith. A little history on Chow and Kiffin's relationship from Scott Wolf back in January of 2008 (emphasis added):

Things reached a head in January of 2005. Carroll, Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian met in Mobile, Ala., at the Senior Bowl and talked about a plan to bring Sarkisian back from the Raiders, where he was an assistant and kick Chow into the job of assistant head coach.
They also discussed removing playcalling duties from Chow.
Chow told friends recently he was "hurt" and "upset" and thought he was being forced out.
"I think they wouldn't mind if (Chow) left," said an associate of Carroll and Chow. "I think it's about ego and maybe they are tired of Norm. They don't need him anymore."
Now, to be fair, Chow could also be aloof and paranoid at times and his quiet demeanor is not the type of personality Carroll seems to prefer on his coaching staff.
With all of this going on, Chow was offered the Titans job. After he took the job, some other things happened between involving Chow and Kiffin, but I'll go into them another time. Meanwhile Chow no longer speaks to Sarkisian, feeling he was betrayed by his former protege.

So before we believe this story let's wait to hear from Chow first. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): Brian Grummell from AOL, who is a noted Trojan shill (who once hailed Petey as a "physical genius") anxiously jumps on Smith's Chow "report," as does Scott Wolf. More updates after the jump.

UPDATE III (N): And now it looks ESPN cannot confirm a done deal:

A source told the Pac-10 blog that USC also is expected to pursue Norm Chow as offensive coordinator. Chow is presently the offensive coordinator at UCLA, but he was Carroll's coordinator when the Trojans won consecutive national titles in 2003 and 2004.

That's from ESPN's Pac-10 blogger/reporter Ted Miller. He can't confirm any kind of done deal. So it's only coming from Trojan shills as of right now. Something seems really shady. That's expected with a shady program. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III (N): Gold, who has been extremely schizo and unreliable now claims "Norm Chow is negotiating a contract to leave UCLA." Again, if this is true the responsibility would be on Dan Guerrero and Rick Neuheisel to not let anyone get away with putting UCLA in any kind of disadvantageous situation when it comes to recruiting.

UPDATE IV (N): Also note Chow is contracted with UCLA through next season at least. So if any team looking to hire Chow away from UCLA will have to offer a UCLA a buy out contract. I would think the UCLA administration should be in position to play hard ball with anyone contemplating this kind of move, and make sure to turn this into a win/win situation either way. That way UCLA either keeps Chow or has enough funds available to bring in another OC. GO BRUINS.

Just received the following email from UCLA's Sports Information Director:

As far as we know, it is an incorrect report.

So there you have it for now. Hang tight.

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