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ESPN's Trojan Shill Shelly Smith Backtracks From Chow/USC Rt, UCLA Calls It "Incorrect," BRO Reports "Chow To Stay"

As we suspected in our previous updates something is smelling very fishy.

ESPN's Shelly Smith, a noted Trojan shill who slept on her beat for years never seeing the sleazy scandals unfolding at Pete's program breathless reported that Chow was leaving UCLA for Lane Kiffin's staff at Southern Cal. Multiple Trojan shills jumped on her story. Now apparently she is backtracking from her initial story.

As we noted in our last post, we received the following email from UCLA's Sports Information Director:

As far as we know, it is an incorrect report.

So there you have it for now. Hang tight.


UPDATE (N): Now the LAT slows everything down saying no done deal:

Despite reports across the Internet, a deal to bring Norm Chow, currently UCLA's offensive coordinator, back to USC as offensive coordinator for new Coach Lane Kiffin is not done yet. A source close to Chow says while the two sides are talking, no deal has been reached.

Chow said recently that it “would take NFL-type money” to get him back to USC.

As they say, developing. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): Apparently Robert Kuwada on Bruin Report Online's premium board is reporting that Chow will stay. No confirmation yet. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III (N): More precise update from UCLA:

The ESPN report that Norm Chow has accepted a position at another university is not accurate, said UCLA spokesperson Marc Dellins.

Shelly Smith has a lot of explaining to do. Her report was inaccurate, extremely premature and nothing but irresponsible rumor mongering on behalf of Southern Cal. She should be ashamed and should get fired from her job. GO BRUINS.