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UCLA Calls ESPN's Chow/U$C Report Inaccurate, Daily News Now Backtracks Saying Chow Is Staying

Again let's make this fresh after Shelly Smith's irresponsible, wreckless, pathetic, pro-Trojan rumor mongering this evening. She has proven to be beyond pathetic the way she tried advancing the story about Chow going to Southern Cal. Here again is the email from UCLA:

The ESPN report that Norm Chow has accepted a position at another university is not accurate, said UCLA spokesperson Marc Dellins.

Shelly Smith has a lot of explaining to do. Her report was inaccurate, extremely premature and nothing but irresponsible rumor mongering on behalf of Southern Cal. She should be ashamed and should get fired from her job.

Apparently Robert Kuwada on Bruin Report Online's premium board is reporting that Chow will stay. And now Jon Gold is jumping on Chow is staying bandwagon:

After hearing from multiple sources that Norm Chow was negotiating with USC, I am now hearing that he is going to stay at UCLA. I'm getting this from people very, very close to the UCLA situation.
I have not heard from anyone at UCLA about the matter on the record, and you'll be the first to know when I do.

Gold should apologize to his readers when he set the panic button by writing the headline Chow is "gone." Pathetic reporting on his part earlier tonight. We have to wait a little to see how it develops.


UPDATE (N): Now Gold is apologizing for his schizo posting. His latest line is that Chow "has not accepted anything, and reports he had were premature." In other words, it's an unclear picture right now. As mentioned in previous updates UCLA will have a say in this because they are the other party to Chow's K through next season. Either way it looks like earlier reports were nothing but a smokescreen to stunt UCLA's recruiting efforts by Trojan shills. GO BRUINS.