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Trojan Times "Reports" On Lame Kitten By Bringing Up Neuheisel's Past

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Chris Dufresne from the Trojan Times doesn't waste any time from towing the company line as he reports on Lamey's hire by drudging up Neuheisel's past:

[N]ow he'll be matched in town against UCLA's Rick Neuheisel -- who wrote the book on not going by the book, to the tune of 50-odd (some of them very) secondary violations while he was at Colorado.

And now these two bright, young, innovative coaches will meet on the field next season -- both possibly on "Animal House" double-secret probation.

Dufresne conveniently forgets to mention Neuheisel's spotless track record (to date) since he arrived at UCLA. Neither does he mention how ridiculous some of those allegations were against Neuheisel which has been discussed ad nausea over the years. Meanwhile, Bill Splashme is trying hard to sound "skeptical" (probably after getting eviscerated and exposed in recent days for his fawning all over Petey) but can't hide his true colors while oggling over Orgeron:

Orgeron is the "real deal", a main cog in the rebuilding of the Trojans culture. But his tough-guy ways worked best in contrast to Carroll's nurturing ways. Will he resonate as much when backed by a head coach who has not yet been around long enough to nurture?

Real deal? He calls him a real deal while rest of the world was watching and reading about this (being fully aware of Orgeron's strange (we will leave it at that for now) recruiting tactics over the years. These guys have never hid their true colors and it shines through even more glaringly in times like this.