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Lame Kitten Appears To Be Just A Puppet: Hasn't Even Spoken To Chow Yet

That's the read any reasonable person should be making reading through the news updates. For example let's see what we have from Scott Wolf. Look at his latest post (as of 2:21 p.m. PT today; emphasis added):

Everyone should probably relax a little bit regarding the Norm Chow situation. He is flying back to L.A. right now from Florida while Lane Kiffin is flying in from Tennessee. They have not even spoken to each other yet, so even though USC wants Chow, whether there can be a comfortable pairing needs to be discussed.

So their new sleazebag-in-chief hasn't even spoken to someone who ESPN's Shelly Smith reported last night had basically joined his staff. This doesn't even pass the smell test.

Let's see the Trojan brass is so insecure about their new Man-Boy, Sleazebag-In-Chief that they are ready to shell out more than three million dollars for a proven failure who hasn't been able to win 40 percent of his football games?

Really Mike Garrett? That is your play?