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Hello Kiffin: Lamey's Press Conference (Full Of BS Sleazy Trojan Spin) Open Thread


Apparently Lamey has his intro to the Trojan lapdogs aka "reporters" from LA's traditional media and the national jokes like Shelley Smith scheduled for 5 pm PST. From my understanding it is supposed to be broadcast on ESPN News.

If you have links where people can watch an online stream of it submit in the comment threads.

Those who are watching it, if you can please provide running commentary or news of anything coming out of the mouth of the latest Trojan Sleazebag-In-Chief.


UPDATE (N): For those who are watching the presser if you can write up a great fanpost summing up what this toolbag just said (it sounds like a doozy from the threads) that would be awesome. Especially topline the details on Chow if he mentioned him in any way. Consider this your contribution to the BN and greater Bruin community. We will topline the best written (fastest post). Thanks.

UPDATE II (N): For those who are watching the presser, we need to specifically post (video or description) of the exchange on his comments re. Ogre's contact with recruits. That will be the gold mine. If he is caught lying on that exchange it's a huge blunder on him early on. And apparently Lamey is on board calling the Trojies "Southern Cal." Multiple times. ROFL at the idiot.The guy sounds less prepared and charismatic than Karl Dorrell. GO BRUINS.