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Rick Neuheisel: "Norm Chow told me today he wants to coach at UCLA"

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<em>Photo Credit:<a href="" target="new"> le_borst (flickr)</a></em>
Photo Credit: le_borst (flickr)

Coach Rick Neuheisel is holding a teleconference today presumably with UCLA beat reporters and other traditional media reporters who are interested to go over the developments from last 24 hours. We are expecting him to make the following points as we just received them as a preview of Neuheisel's remarks from UCLA's SID (emphasis ours throughout):

  • The teleconference is not public as far as I know.Here is what we are expecting to here from Rick Neuheisel:
  • We are looking forward to finishing recruiting strong. We have an outstanding class and the staff will be working hard over the next three weeks.
  • We feel we are continuing to build our program and are excited about the future. Changes made in next year's schedule give us a great deal of exposure.
  • We welcome Lane Kiffin back to Los Angeles. We have competed before and look forward to competing again.
  • Norm Chow told me today he wants to coach at UCLA so I anticipate him being here.

As we get more on this we will post updates in this thread or start a new one as necessary.


UPDATE (N): Here is RN's quote roughly transcribed from the presser:

Obviously there's been lots of talk about Coach Chow and his situation. I talked to Norm as he was en route back from the east coast. He assured me he wants to be at UCLA."

The profession is one where you cert want a commitment. You want people who want to be there. I think NC feels that about UCLA. I don't think it, its exhibited. That being said, no one would ever be angry at somebody that if they got a blockbuster deal and felt like they couldn't turn it down. All I know is what NC told me that he is committed to UCLA.

Via Gold. Perfectly done by CRN. Classy and gracious while not giving an inch. GO BRUINS. More updates below the fold.

UPDATE II (N): CRN blasts Shelly Smith as "irresponsible":

"The first I heard of it was on the media, I think it was Shelley Smith. I was disappointed, but I think at some level there was some irresponsible reporting going on as well. When I got a chance to talk to Norm, he said that they had not talked."

He also indicated of having a contingency plan:

"A couple of the quarterbacks came in and they were curious as to what was going on. I said Norm Chow has told me he wanted to be here. I'm assuming he will be. If not, there will be somebody else who comes in who will be highly qualififed. That's just the nature of the beast. One thing about the profession is coaches are replaceable."

Which already includes a "list":

"When you're in this situation as a head coach you always kind of have a list in the back of your mind. Things happen."

More notes on Gold in which CRN indicates negotiations are going on. Neuheisel is playing this like a pro (and nice work by Gold). GO BRUINS.