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[Update: Chow's Agent Confirmation on ESPN] Neuheisel On Dan Patrick's Show: Chow is "staying at UCLA"

From Dan Patrick's blog on  this am(emphasis added):

Neuheisel said that his offensive coordinator Norm Chow told him he was staying and not going to leaving UCLA.

"I spoke to Norm Chow 10 minutes ago and he said he's staying at UCLA," Neuheisel said.

Dan asked Neuheisel about reports Chow is interested in USC. Neuheisel said those are "sources" and we don't know exactly where it came from.

"I've got the best source ... Norm," Neuheisel said.

Neuheisel did say he wouldn't necessarily stand in anyone's way if money just got ridiculous.

Neuheisel said Lane Kiffin may face some serious challenges at USC. "There's at least some measure of reason for concern," Neuheisel said. "When you have a meeting with the NCAA infractions committee, you stand up straight.

LOL. Well he is speaking from experience! Talk about keeping the main issue looming over that train wreck of a program front and center. Right now CRN is running circles around Hello Kiffin and his bumbling entourage at Southern Cal. Updates on this after the jump.

UPDATE (N): ESPN just "reported" with a "this just in" that Norm Chow's agent stated that Chow is going to remain as the OC of UCLA. We still need to wait for official information. I don't want to jump on an ESPN report yet. More updates after the fold. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): The audio segment of Dan Patrick's show is now up. RN knocked it out of the park. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III (N):  ESPN Sportscenter anchors just added a little while ago during an ongoing segment on "Kiffin controversy," that Chow's agent said "there was just brief contact" and Chow "wants to stay at UCLA." Although note the report provided that Chow is coming back for next season. It didn't mention any contract extension. Either way it looks like more and more like Garrett, the Trojan boosters, and Shelly Smith are about to get PUNKED by UCLA, giving us even more momentum in the coming days. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE IV (N): The story is now online:
Offensive coordinator Norm Chow will remain with UCLA next season and will not join Lane Kiffin at USC, his agent tells ESPN.

Chow, who worked with Kiffin under Pete Carroll at USC, was mentioned as a possible offensive coordinator for the Trojans when Kiffin succeeded Carroll.

But Chow's agent, Don Yee, tells ESPN that talks went no further than one brief contact with USC about the position.
The problem with the second paragraph is that he wasn't just mentioned as a "possible" OC, ESPN's joke of a reporter, Trojan mouthpiece Shelly Smith breathlessly declared he was gone to SC, starting off a firestorm. She should be ashamed of her reporting and if she had an ounce of integrity, she'd issue an apology. Disgraceful. GO BRUINS.