TrOJan "Family": Mike Garrett Fires At OJ Mayo

I am trying to get myself back into the hoops mode. We have a basketball game tomorrow against Southern Cal of all teams. Those guys are coming off a Bay Area area sweep (in the loss column). They got off to a solid start this season under Kevin O'Neil (who seems like a decent guy) before they were hit by "self-imposed" sanctions thrown under the bus by Mike Garrett's desperate attempt to save the shady athletic program.

I think other teams are scouting them much better at this point of the season or perhaps they have lost motivation. Either way I think they are still going to be more than formidable opponents against this year's UCLA basketball team which hasn't provided lot of reasons to have confidence among Bruin faithful. I am not that hopeful about tomorrow's game even though I always go into any contest against the Trojies thinking we should come out on top. I will try to get into the game mode. Perhaps going over the following comedy about that basketball team will get us into hoops frame of mind. We can try at least.

It looks like Mike Garrett is now trying to throw OJ2 under the bus:

Former Trojans guard O.J. Mayo refused to cooperate with USC in the university's investigation into allegations that he accepted improper gifts and benefits while he played for the school during the 2007-08 season, according to USC athletic director Mike Garrett.

"No, he has not participated," Garrett told ESPN's Shelley Smith on Wednesday. "But as you read in the paper, he says, you know, 'I love USC' and things like that so, that's about all I know about that."

Oooh note how SChelley is always there to serve up the Trojan AD's quote. LOL. Anyway, Garrett's comment is kind of funny considering it doesn't jive with what we read in the Trojan Times just a week ago:

O.J. Mayo did not accept gifts or money while being recruited by or playing for USC, the player's agent said Wednesday.

LaPoe Smith also said the NCAA, Pacific 10 Conference and officials from the school have not attempted to contact Mayo since August, when the former Trojans and current Memphis Grizzlies star became his client.

To be fair to Mikey there was nothing in that LAT piece which directly quoted Smith saying that Southern Cal had attempted to contact OJ Payo. I mean who do we believe here? Looks like we are dealing with sleazeballs from both sides.

Again all this happening with the backdrop of Southern Cal giving a middle finger salute to the NCAA bringing in perhaps the sleaziest puppet head coach in college football. Can't imagine the "content" Bruin Den will have to work with to get ready for tomorrow's game.


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