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Hello Kiffin: Ominous Signs Of TrOJan Meltdown & Internal Unrest

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It's been what two days? Since Hello Kiffin stumbled and bumbled across town. Already he has been humiliated as the ultimate sleazebag of all of college football. His stud recruiter is dealing with allegations of another NCAA violations (and given the intensity we have seen from our friends in Tennessee, I doubt they are going to let that matter drop). His program then got humiliated by a public rejection by Norm Chow, who let the entire world know very gracefully that UCLA is the place to.

The Trojan stalwarts are working OT to spin the storyline that it was Kitten, who wasn't interested in Chow. That is kind of hilarious because it points to a total cluster you know what across town, given how hard Chow was pursued by Garrett and the money bags from the Trojan brass. It is completely unclear right now who is in charge across town. Lame looks like a clueless puppet, while Garrett is too wrapped up in CYA mode to address a decade of dirty laundry. All this happening while the school president is checking out to retirement sometime this year. Yeah, it's a mess.

What is even more interesting is that signs of meltdown that are already emerging in number of Trojan corners. Some die hard Trojan fans are not happy. It's getting ugly over there already. Folks pointed us to the following widely read post from Paris Of Troy on WildWest (a Trojan friendly message board):

How is it possible, with so many great coaches available and with USC being one of the premier jobs in the country, that we end up with Lane Kiffin (after starting the search going after the decidedly non-elite Mike Riley)? Well, for one, because we have people in charge of the search who are limiting themselves to coaches they know personally -- USC people. They're rah-rahs, basically.

But beyond that, it was because Kiffin was supposed to be joined by a Dream Team staff, including several coaches who were partly responsible for our 2002-2004 run. (You know a program is desperate when it reaches into the past to try to restore former magic. See JRobII)

The news made the press. Only, it wasn't news: Chow hadn't really been signed up, and by extension, neither had Davis. In fact, Kiffin didn't even want Chow! Do you realize what a colossal PR f*ck-up that is? Chow got to say to the world that he'd rather remain at Ucla, because Ucla has something better going on. I mean, you can't make that stuff up. It is an unmitigated disaster. It also shows rank hubris: saying you have Chow wrapped up, when you don't -- not even close. You don't even know whether your head coach wants him!

And to hire Kiffin when we're under investigation by the NCAA: that's just begging the organization to come down hard on us. Imagine a day-care center being investigated for child molestation, and the center hires ... a known pedophile.

So now we're in bed with a total scumbag and we're telling the NCAA we don't give a sh&t what they think. That, my friends, is lack of institutional control.

Today commences the lost decade in USC football. Ha, and you thought the 1990's were bad.

At least there's men's tennis. #1, beatches.

Ouch. That is coming from a Trojan. Not anyone here on BN. A Trojan.And as they say in the informercials, but wait there is more! After the jump.

Our readers also pointed us to the following post on

"With PC gone, Gary finally made some remarks. With Lane’s arrival he is now giddy. Of course he has to be this way because his living depends on his relationship with these guys. Mine, of course, does not and I might not be around to see Gary’s "new era." So blast me now, but I hate it when the bad guys come out on top.

I thought Al Davis had gone out of his mind when he hired Lane, but then realized he has long been out of his mind. I wrote then Lane would last no more than a year and he may become tarnished goods from the experience. Sark was smart for turning it down. Lane was stupid for accepting. But like Vol fans feel today, at least it got rid of him. Incredibly, Tennessee hired him and I thought what are they doing? This is too good a program to experiment on a coach who has done nothing. What ******** this guy must be able to do in a meeting. But he was blessed with USC program association.

And sure enough in the Vol opener Lane on 4th and 2 inside Bruin 10 in final moments called a similar play as he did against Texas with the same result.

It took a lot of years for so many people on the site to finally see the dark side of P. Carroll. Those who criticized the last 5 years, like myself, were called all sorts of names. But still no one could deny that he was a talented coach. With Lane, all U.S.C. gets is more dark side without the benefits. Arrogance, ego and rule bending.

He has done nothing in his career to justify this job. Garrett pushed the panic button. He made a deal quickly to try to save the recruiting class but a long line the coach is what is important. Monte, of course, is a good pick-up, and while O is valuable he also has to be watched. To me the right coach is more viable in the long run than some lost recruits. Get the best man available. Not the worst

The big news was that NC would come back. Davis, too. Garrett said that NC was a priority. This site, despite many delusional members who have tried to put Chow down because he was no longer the U.S.C. coach, started going wild at the news. But what was anyone thinking? Lane was the guy who masterminded Chow’s ouster in the first place. These 2 are going to get along? Kiffin is going to hand over to Chow the keys and say always knew you were better in the first place? And Davis…he left because of what they did to Chow. He is going to comeback for Kiffin?

I know personally Garrett was upset over what happened to Chow. Now he wants him back but thinks Lane is the guy to get Chow back? Last I heard Lane has not called him yet. Garrett should have hired NC as the coach. Garrett says he looks for a coach about the bloom will here is a guy who has not been given the chance. Get him a good assistant coach to cover a lot of the program details and a good staff and he is on his way.

What happened to Gruden, Edwards, etc.? Were they offered? There are a lot of proven coaches out there. Skip Holtz. Want a coach about to bloom—-Walker.

Just as in national media eventually saw through P. Carroll, it sees right through this "kid", too. No one has expectations of him ever being a Saban. He is not going to be popular and is not going to be the face you want on the program.

I have always said I never blamed Lane for taking the job or even going after it (accept it was sort of shady). I blamed PC for going along with it and bumping Chow and giving it to Lane.

When he was hired by the Raiders I had a sigh of relief never thinking in my wildest imagination this would occur. If anything I thought Sark was being groomed as the successor. Maybe if PC had been a little more honest about his future plans and goals a deal could have been made to keep Sark around knowing he would take over. McKay was brought to U.S.C. to take over when Don Clark retired. John Robinson was then later brought U.S.C. for the same reason. Each knew they were getting the head job. All PC probably had to do was tell Sark he would being going back to pros soon.

As I said before PC’s manner and timing in leaving "fricked" USC. That it resulted in the hire of Lane means he really fricked the Trojans. And of course we see the PC dark side clone outdid PC in "fricking" Tennessee.

I have been in a love affair for 55 years with U.S.C. How do you continue it when you can’t stand the coach? Not just coaching, but personally.

Tollner was not so bad. Smith off his record at Arizona was a good pick. And his first-3 teams went to the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, he had arrogant issues as well and his team lost respect for him. Did ok resurrected at Missouri. As to Hackett, he had been a great OC, but failed in his other head coaching try and was probably a dumb pick. But there were more reasons to hire Hackett than Lane. He had a lot of success as OC and had developed Vince Evans and Paul McDonald. What has Lane done?

To me Lane will always be known as 4th and 2. The man who connived to get Chow’s job, and had dads influence to assist, starting the downward spiral in U.S.C.’s once apparent dynasty to the program that is.

He needs a line coach, an OC, linebacker coach, etc. And someone who can say "Lane, no." But I doubt the latter exists. You would think there would be some deference to his father, but his father certainly could not control his mouth at Tennessee.

We needed someone who makes us think of a John, like in McKay, Robinson, Wayne, Kennedy, Wooden. But all I will ever see is 4th and 2."

Sounds like trouble to me. No?

With all this and the specter of NCAA sanctions looming around the corner, how can anyone with rational frame of mind consider signing away 3-5 years of their lives to commit themselves to an asylum like that.


PS: About that 4th and 2, here ya go:

Thought you guys'd enjoy that. GO BRUINS.