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Trojans Destroy Bruins In Pauley, Play Like Warriors Exposing A Clownshow In Howlandwood

The game is not over. However, since the Bruins quit from the opening tip off not sure why need to maintain our faith Howland's clowns (we will keep calling them that as long as we have clowns like the Bricklayer From Belgrade starting for a "UCLA basketball team" rest of this season).

Well I saw this coming. I have written multiple times here on BN how the Trojans from across town have been playing like the classic Ben Ball warriors all season. Despite getting railroaded by their own athletic department, they have been playing with all out intensity and passion winning the same way we used to see Ben Ball warriors get it done in Westwood: fundamentals, hustle and DEFENSE.

Trojans put on a classic display of Ben Ball by dominating and destroying the Bruins at Pauley. The final score was 46-67. (we will fill in the blank when the clock strikes zero). The final margin could have been more lopsided if not for the fact that the Trojans are not the greatest of shooting team. Give all the credit to Kevin O'Neil and his basketball players for coming out and taking this game and making a statement on John and Nell Wooden Court. They owned UCLA on our home court.

Now turning it towards us. I could go through the box score and point out all the disgraceful performances on our team. It was a joke on all front and it showed early on. These guys came out and played like bunch of scrubs (B couldn't have been more on point weeks ago) and defiled those four letters infront of their jersey. There was no desire, no fire and not one ounce of Bruin pride coming out of any of these guys except for some isolated efforts here and there.

The person who bears the responsibility for this disgraceful performance is none other than the UCLA head basketball coach. If Ben Howland is the "caretaker of Westwood," I think at this point it is time to install a video camera on him to find out exactly what is he doing to take care of our Bruins. What we saw today was not acceptable. More after the jump.

I don't care much whatever coach-speak Ben Howland is going to throw out during his post game preser or his weekly presser early next week. At this point his woulda-coulda-shoulda nonsense how about he should have gone to zone early and perhaps play a younger players lot more is just meaningless Dorrellian words to me. They mean nothing.

It was just comedy to watch Howland try to make his clowns play man-to-man defense early on when it was clear they had nothing to hang with the Trojans. It took falling behind by double digits (4-15) and looking completely befuddled and hopeless early on for Howland to finally to switch to zone. It was too little too late because by then the Trojans had taken control of the game and had put a complete hammerlock on the contest. Not only they throttled us defensively they also out-willed and out-hustled us around the rims, outrebounding us 21 to 11, and scoring 11 second chance points just in first half.

Then there was the case of Howland's Matt Barkley, aka Nikola Dragovic. Once again the Serbian clown (he looked like one in those gross yellow socks) set the tone early on with dumb and stupid shots. Yet somehow, someway Howland gave him 17 minutes in first half even though he finished with 0 points and lord knows how many he gave up on the defensive side.  I wonder just how much worse it would have been if Howland actually bothered to put in Lane and Moser and have them play in a zone defense early?

From what I see, I see probably one of the two worst UCLA basketball teams from this past decade. I see a team which is not playing up to its potential and playing without and heart and effort on too many Saturdays. I see a team where the players have tuned out the head coach and perhaps just frustrated and puzzled by the fact that the head coach is clearly playing favorites with certain characters on the team.

Well again credit to the Trojans. They came in played like Ben Ball warriors and exposed Howland's basketball team as nothing but a pathetic clown show. I will just reverse echo J.R. Henderson to describe Howland's joke of a basketball squad.

It's Just UCLA.

You can take it from here. I am too disgusted to write any more.