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Assess Ben Howland's Job Performance As Head Coach Of UCLA Basketball

Previously here on BN we have embraced Coach Ben Howland's self mention of "the Caretaker of Westwood." Well following another unacceptable and disgraceful loss in his seventh season in Westwood, we'd like to take note of the collective pulse of this entire community. We have put a poll up on the right hand side of this blog assessing Ben Howland's job performance as the head basketball coach of UCLA. Please take time to vote on the poll. If you want to add your comments on how you voted please add it in this thread.

I want to add few notes to this. First, we have already laid out in detail why a losing basketball season will never be acceptable at UCLA. We think Ben Howland is heading towards the hot seat if he is not on it already if this season ends up being a losing season. That doesn't mean we are advocating for the firing of Ben Howland. However, we do think Howland and his entire staff needs to realize we are not going to be quiet and accept the debacle(s) we are experiencing this season, and let him get away with low expectations (i.e. satisfied with just making the tournament next season).

What is happening this season is extremely disturbing. It's not acceptable. Nothing wrong with tough rebuilding seasons. We have gone out of our way to set reasonable expectations for both of our programs. However, there is something wrong when we see a basketball team that routinely comes out and goes through the motions, plays listless basketball without any passion and desire, and utterly defiles the spirit and tradition behind the four letters stitched in blue and gold. It's not acceptable and the responsibility for that falls on the head coach, who leads the program. Here is the link for you to vote.