Ill Communication In Howlandwood Continues: Lee's Interesting Comments On UCLA's Game Prep

britishbruin flagged the following disturbing quote from Malcolm Lee after the game:

One reason for UCLA’s poor performance, at least according to Lee: USC’s advance scouting.

"They really had our plays scouted really well," he said. "The second half they forced us to go more in motion; they were defending our set plays really well. It can be a little frustrating, because it feels like they know what we’re doing. Man, we have to have a counter for that."

Well in terms of the quote it is hard to argue with the underlying basis of Lee's comments. However, it is unsettling to say the least how Malcolm Lee, the guy who is supposed to be the defensive leader of this UCLA team so publicly second guessing the coaching staff (presumably directing at Ben Howland).

Malcolm Lee has already been subject of discussion about being too wrapped up about going to the NBA. Quotes like this will only add to the discussion concerning the relationship between Howland and his players. Moreover, this also follows the bizzarre and strange way UCLA players found out about lineup changes from the LA press (instead from the coaching staff).

Again, something seems to be off between Howland and his players. At least in public they are not on the same page, which only leads to speculation what is going on in the background.


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