Tennessee Looking Into More Recruiting "Improprieties" By The Ogre

Joel from Rocky Top Talk has some new info re. the liars from South Central:

GVX is reporting that Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton is looking into the contact that former UT coaches had not only with Vols' committed and enrolled prospects but also with personnel still employed by the athletic department.

You will recall that there were reports that Ed Orgeron contacted mid-term enrollees the night Lane Kiffin (and Orgeron and Monte) took the job(s) at USC. Orgeron later admitted that he'd contacted "some" of them, but said he broke no rules and only answered their questions. Kiffin also said that they would not contact any UT commitments unless they were contacted first.

We knew last week that the first part of that wasn't true. Players and their families have said that the mid-term enrollees were in fact offered scholarships to USC and told not to go to class so they wouldn't jeopardize their ability to accept.

Now we learn from former UT commitment Brandon Willis that Orgeron was the first to make contact with him. And Orgeron wasn't just calling former UT commitments (by the way, there's no "rule" against that, but there are rules about how many times you can contact a recruit, and that's what UT is looking at), he also called UT athletic department employees and got irate when they would not give him access to recruiting materials and files. Hamilton is scrutinizing athletic department employees, some of whom came with Orgeron when he joined Tennessee's staff, presumably to make sure that on Orgeron, who's known for his persistence, didn't just call someone else on staff and get it all from them.

So tacky and classless but such a perfect fit for the sleaze factory cross town. Joel wrote that the Vols will have no qualms reporting all this nonsense to the NCAA. Sure hope that is true.


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