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Center Court: UCLA Basketball (v. Washington) Open Thread

Here we go with another night of Thursday hoops.Not sure if anyone is actually excited to watch UCLA basketball, yet we know many of us are going to tune in I guess either to torture or amuse ourselves. Being amused is probably the best way to go at this point as we head into a game in which our favorite Bruin - Ragovic - is looking to get more "aggressive" and "create" more opportunities on the offensive end.

The tip off between Howland's 7-10 (2-3) Bruins and Romar's 12-5 (3-3) will take place in about half an hour at Pauley. Romar's guys have never done well in Westwood. They lost last year's matchup by a score of 76-85. They have gotten blown out routinely inside Pauley Pavillion as they have a record of 3-43 at Pauley. I am sure they believe tonight is the night for them to finally get a win on John and Nell Wooden Court.

You can read up (or listen to) our musings on this game here. The game will be broadcast on FSN and Prime Ticket. Steve Physioc and Marques Johnson will be doing the play by play. I have been really down on Marques in recent years. However, I do think his commentary during Cal game was very interesting. His observations on UCLA's defense, specifically the obvious hole in our zone defense and lack of communication between our players were pretty spot on. It will be interesting to his thoughts on the Bruins tonight. The tip off is officially set for 7:37 pm PST.

Anyway, if you want to follow the game online you can do so via our official site. As always, we will be here in the game threads with our rapid fire takes and commentary. So let's get this party started. Fire away.